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How Definition Works

In untreated rooms, acoustical energy interacts with room surfaces and creates undesirable reflections and excessive reverberation, negatively affecting sound quality and intelligibility.

Rooms treated with mathematically-designed acoustical materials lower reflective energy and control unwanted reverberation.  Our math helps you accurately apply panels and materials to balance room reflections so that the room can be perfected with active acoustics.

Definition's innovative active acoustics technology creates a matched immersive experience in every seat.


The fusion of physical architecture with controlled, high-fidelity reflections can truly be “better than the real thing”.

Different sound sources benefit from specific acoustic environments, such as lush reverberation supporting a vocalist or controlled early reflections making a guitar sound “larger than life”. The Definition Processor allows the artist and mix engineer to create an ideal soundscape for every instrument, individually.

Further, Definition's Adaptive Bass Control actively modifies room boundaries in the lowest octaves, making even, tight bass response a reality across the entire audience. Power alleys and coverage nulls are minimized… balconies and raised seating areas become some of the best seats in the house.

Definition provides an immersive acoustic experience for every room… for every sound source… for every seat in the venue.

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A proprietary multifunction DSP

Augmented Active Acoustics

Create an ideal acoustical environment for each sound source on stage

Immersive Audio Processing

Distribute surround effects and theatrical content throughout the venue

Adaptive Bass Control

Provide tight, even bass response without power alleys or coverage nulls

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The Definition Process

Bring a matched immersive experience to every seat in your venue




Data Collection

We capture 3D spatial and acoustical data on your site. We can model your room with architectural data or drawings if your facility is still in design.

Design & Install

Information from the model is used with our proprietary design tools to create the ideal Definition solution for your room.  Installation is performed by a Venueflex Dealer of your choosing.


Your room is carefully brought online. Presets and acoustical voicings are customized for your catalog of uses. VUI software is then used to control the system for day-to-day operation.


Unified interface for complete control

Easy Operation

The Live tab will serve as your home spot to control all your Venueflex processors.

Central Management

VUI automatically discovers processors on your network, and controls are ergonomic and efficient.

Friendly Support

With support portal and online documentation for every product, we're here to make things easy. 



“We have a room full of people able to engage and hear each other’s voices - and we don’t have to fight the room anymore.”

-Austin Renfroe | Worship Pastor | NewSpring Church Kansas


“Definition has given us such balance and energy throughout the auditorium and a full stereo mix experience in every seat without any hot spots. It’s allowing us to do some things we’ve never been able to do before for our audience.”

-Kevin Anvik | Production Director | Scottsdale Bible Church


Bringing a complete immersive experience


A proprietary multifunction digital signal processor, with adaptive bass control, augmented acoustics and immersive audio processing


Acoustic panels that can be applied to an existing space to improve the sound of rooms through a combination of absorption or diffusion


Create realistic acoustic wavefronts in the space with intentional acoustic characteristics



Completed by our trained Dealer Network 

With locations around the United States, our Dealer Network is proven in their ability to integrate Venueflex into your facility.

We provide training, on-site resources, and expert support to ensure your installation is smooth.

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