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Introducing Controlflex


controlflex provides a single cohesive platform to control audio, video and lighting systems for entertainment venues, public spaces, and houses of worship.

Our innovative customized control platform provides seamless device control using the latest technology via an HTML5 web interface, external API, and built-in support for scores of audio, video and lighting devices.

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Best of all, Controlflex is designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing years of maintenance-free operation.

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Having Controlflex installed in one of our larger auditoriums made it so much easier for our church to gather during this Covid season. Having a large room able to be remote controlled allowed for greater social distancing measures and ease of use for anyone hosting a gathering in our space.

John Folsom | Director of Integration | NewSpring Church


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Control Models

Controlflex Processor

Our small form factor control processor packs quite a punch. Coupled with the absence of moving parts and vents, it is built to run the distance for years to come. 

  • Capable of up to 50 simultaneous device controls

  • Device Library containing support for over 60 different types of devices.

  • Up to 16 Universes of sACN Scene Recall Control

  • Convection Cooled, Fanless.

  • Configuration and control via Web UI accessible from Desktop and Mobile browsers.



Why stop with just lighting control? Our 5 button wall station enables full system control from a convenient location when it's needed most.

  • 5 Button tactile control surface.

  • LED Indicator lights for button feedback.

  • 5 Wire proprietary communication and power protocol.

  • Topology free wiring.

  • Self-identifying for easier setup.

  • Requires an EB-1 to operate.



The central brain to our tactile button stations. It is network enabled and designed to communicate with our control processors remotely throughout the entire facility without having to run low voltage wiring over long distances.

Control Downloads


Power Supply: Internal 100V-240V, 6.5A-3.5A at 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 450W

Maximum Concurrent Devices: 50

Device Library: Over 60 different types of devices.

Network: 1000/100 Mbps ethernet on Neutrik etherCON

Dimensions (W x H x D): 434 x 42.8 x 595.6 mm (17.1 x 1.69 x 23.5 in)1

Weight: 12.2 kg (29.9 lb), accessories and packaging not included

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