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Innovative active acoustics and immersive audio technology.

Our mission is to provide every seat in the venue with a matching immersive acoustic experience. Through our active acoustics technology, every audience member experiences the ideal soundscape for every sound source.

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Venueflex was birthed out of a struggle to find high-quality solutions that would meet many design and technology challenges we faced again and again. Making every seat in the house sound like the sweet spot of the mix should be achievable, and exceeding clients’ expectations with new technology should be the standard. 


Our vision is to answer the question "what if….?”


What if your low end sounded like you were mixing outdoors?  What if your studio furniture could function well and inspire your creativity? What if control systems could be flexible, reliable, and affordable?


Our goal is to answer those questions and more…to inspire the creativity of architects, creatives, developers, and AVL professionals. We are pushing the boundaries of where the market is and setting a new standard for what’s possible. We hope you’ll join us.

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