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Everyone should have the same experience of the sound, no matter where they sit in your room. This is why we believe in the approach to Fix The Room First.

Our goal is to achieve equal experience, spatial realism, and a balanced reverberant field in every seat of the house.

Through the Definition Process, active acoustics give mix engineers a definable and variable acoustic palette. They can mix “into” the sound of their room, rather than having to compromise their choices based on an inaccurate or inefficient one.

To champion the audience experience, #FixTheRoomFirst




Venueflex was birthed out of a struggle to find high-quality solutions that would meet many design and technology challenges we faced again and again. Making every seat in the house sound like the sweet spot of the mix should be achievable, and exceeding clients’ expectations with new technology should be the standard. 


Our vision is to answer the question "what if….?”


What if your low end sounded like you were mixing outdoors?  What if your studio furniture could function well and inspire your creativity? What if control systems could be flexible, reliable, and affordable?


Our goal is to answer those questions and more…to inspire the creativity of architects, creatives, developers, and AVL professionals. We are pushing the boundaries of where the market is and setting a new standard for what’s possible. We hope you’ll join us.

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 Chief Strategy Officer 

Armando has made an impact by developing technical and creative companies. Over the last 32 years, his influence has reached audiences around the world. His performance-based product innovation is fueled by his passion for people.


Armando brings visionary direction in the marketplace and dealer network development strategy. He brings a forward focus to solutions.


 Director of Software Development 

Over the years, Trey has been involved with many of our projects from both a systems design standpoint as well as commissioning and training. Trey is known throughout the industry for top-notch modern lighting designs and programming.


As he brings a wealth of software design knowledge to the team, he has served as the principal innovator behind the Control show and facility control system. Trey supervises the design of the Venueflex product line that allows us to bring cutting-edge and customized technology to our clients. 

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 Chief Technology Officer 

Paul began his career as a research associate with a major audio manufacturer, ultimately contributing to the development of various industry standard products and measurement platforms. During his tenure in academia, he obtained both a Ph.D. and M.S. in Acoustics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Paul brings his technical capabilities to our projects, allowing us to predict with certainty the outcome of our acoustical and audio designs.


 Chief Executive Officer 

Beginning his career as a public accountant, Rob has since served as Executive Pastor at several of the nation’s fastest-growing churches, including Savannah Christian Church, Harvester Christian Church and Journey Church.


Rob’s extensive experience in new construction projects during his tenure as Executive Pastor allows him to serve our clients and assist them in assuring accountability and stewardship. His leadership and organizational skills help to further refine our team on a daily basis. 

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